Tool & Dies Fabrication

With excellent stamping die design, We build the tools and dies with advanced machineries and get them engaged into mass production professionally, we have 5 well trained and skilled technicians inhouse, monthly capability is 20 tools depending on their complexities.

Our principle of tools fabrication is:

Building high-quality cost-effective toolings to keep manufacturing costs down,

Maintaining all tools and keeping them under the best conditions.

Our stamping die features:

1. Tolerance controlled under +/-0.005mm

2. Life-span can be up to 5 millions times

3. Extensive in-house tools fabrication

4. One-time investment on tools, production guaranteed for the whole life of your stamping parts.

5. We fabricate all dies components with state-of-art machinery.

6. All die components are made with easily-dismounting structure, minimize repairing time.

7. Fast die modification to accommodate engineering changes

8. Monitoring critical forming and dimensional accuracy and recorded