Deep Drawn Stamping

Deep drawn stamping is widely applied.

Deep drawn stamping is the process by which metal sheets under high compressive and tensile forces are drawn into a die cavity forming an irregular cup shape.

The metal sheet is drawn into the die by the mechanical action of a punch. Only the depth of the drawn part exceeds its diameter can the process be referred to as ” Deep drawn”. for this process, there is a variety of material to choose from, such as brass, silver, cold roiled steel, copper, iron, and many others.

Deep drawing process is widely used in many industries including Automotive, Aerospace, household appliances, Plumbing, Lighting and Electronic, etc.

deep drawn stamping process

Benefits of Deep drawn stamping

1. One-piece forming, no seams or joints on the parts

2. Economical use of raw materials, less scrap rate

3. No high tooling cost

4. Tight tolerances

5. Consistent part quality

6. Economical for high volume stampings can be progressive die-stamped.


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